November is spring racing carnival time in Melbourne. It’s when some of us dress up and go to the races whilst a lot more of us enjoy the Melbourne cup public holiday with house BBQ’s and parties. But for a small percentage among us, their mind is far away from all the celebration. They are locked up in books, revisions and exams. And not just any exams but their end of high school exams. The exams which lead to the all encompassing university entrance score called the ATAR. A good score opens doors whilst a not so good one closes them.


But is that really true? Is this the end all and be all of all scores? Ask many students and they will tell you that’s all they think about. But in reality, I reckon it is far from it. There are many roads that lead to the same destination. You just have to find it. And the will to follow your heart and not give up. And to this end Abraham Lincoln is a fine example.

I read this ages ago when I was much younger. So I hope it will inspire you too.

Abraham Lincoln
1832  Defeated for legislature
1833  Failed in business
1834  Elected to legislature
1836  Had a nervous breakdown
1838  Defeated for Speaker
1843  Defeated for nomination for Congress
1846  Elected to Congress
1848  Lost renomination
1849  Rejected for Land Officer
1854  Defeated for Senate
1856  Defeated for nomination for Vice President
1858  Again defeated for Senate
1860  Elected President