After submitting my post on hoverfly for the weekly photo challenge, I was trying my best to get a shot of one actually hovering. Turns out it is not easy with your camera phone. They are a bit jittery if you get too close. But after many tries, I managed to get this shot which I am reasonably happy with. But more than that, I was bemused to learn that the ability to hover is critical for a male. If they are ever going to find a partner, they need this hovering thing down pat. This is because a female picks her mate based on how still he can stay hovering for and how long. So, the flying thing, even backwards is just the price of entry. To get any attention whatsoever, you have to hover perfectly still in even windy conditions! So, if not for my shaky hands, this shot would have been sharp as a tack since the only thing moving would have been its wings!

hoverfly 2