I have never been a fan of work travel. I know someone else is footing the bill and that there are some perks that go with it but at the end of the day, it is still work. I cannot seem to merge the two. They just do not seem to mix.

So much so, it messes with my mind. In my world, it is like dessert and medicine. No one in their right mind will combine the two. So, as I sit here waiting for my flight interstate, I am in my work clothes with my work laptop and my brain is confused. It is thinking I am at work but then I hear a family walk by chatting happily about surfers paradise in the gold coast. I look up and see flight attendants, departure gates and visitors pulling trolley bags. My brain is now thinking swaying palms and white sandy beaches. And then I look down and the vision goes *poof* I now see only work. *sigh*


Which is why I have a natural resistance to spending too much time at the airport. The only way to achieve this is of course to arrive as late as possible. This is an art form (which I have yet to master). There are the usual key ingredients like online check-in and no checkin luggage to avoid the queues. But then the rest is just timing. I used to get a lot of satisfaction when it all goes to plan until one day I pushed it a bit too far. I arrived at the gate just in time to see the plane taxing off the gate. As you can guess, it was quite embarrassing made worse by the fact that I was traveling with other colleagues that day! Since then, my boundary pushing days have been stymied. Hence, the reason I am sitting here, waiting . . . .

Fortunately, I don’t have long to wait. Not sure if you have noticed this before but time at the airport seem to tick over quicker than at work. I always say to myself, I’ll have plenty of time after I check in to do this and that. But when we finally finish with passports, security check and the obligatory tourist refund scheme (if that applies), we are then bombarded with duty free shopping, cafes and restaurants. In some airports, this expands to theatres, museums and even butterfly gardens! Next thing you know, boarding has started and you are late to your gate!

And there it goes, (overhead announcement for my flight) only 5 mins to boarding. What did I tell you? Time to pack up, queue up with the rest of the travellers and go to work.

hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go.
hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go.