Seemingly November is upon us. And before I can say ‘Oh man, where did the year go‘,  I am sure the new year would be landing on my lap! So just for a fun trip down memory lane as we count down this year, I thought I’ll kick off with some of my memories of the 70’s. I was only a little ankle-biter then so here goes.

Starting of with the first half of the 70’s

220px-Pong from Wikipedia:

Who could forget Pong? Invented by Alan Alcorn, the first prototype saw the light of day at the local bar – Andy Capp’s Tavern. Apparently, a few weeks after it was installed, Alcorn was told the prototype was experiencing technical issues. He then went to fix it, only to find that the issue was the coin mechanism was overflowing with quarters! So as they say, the rest is history.

1024px-Apollo13_apparatus Apollo13 apparatus by Kim Dismukes

I probably don’t have any memory of this but I could not help putting this one in. Watching the movie, I could almost feel myself with the Apollo 13 crew running out of oxygen. Then through the ingenuity of the scientists, they came up with a cobbled together fix (shown above with Astronaut John L. Swigert) that saved their lives. Add to that the unforgettable movie phrase “Houston, we have a problem“, this one is definitely on my list.


The 70’s was also the age of the floppy disks. Born in the 60’s, they were only commercially available in 1971. Starting initially at 8-inch, you would not be able to fit this into your shirt pocket. Luckily for me, they had shrunk to 5¼-inch by the time I started using them. And we had boxes to carry them around in. And don’t ask what’s the capacity of one – I don’t want you to choke on your breakfast cereal.


From technology to the mundane. 1975 introduced the world to the Pet Rock, the idea of advertising executive, Gary Dahl. In a short burst, 1.5 million of this was sold! It came complete with a training manual. All 32 pages of it. So as you can tell “Sit” was pretty easy to teach. Hmm . . I wonder what happened to mine.


Finally onto the TV and one of my favourites was none other than the six million dollar man played by Lee Majors. I loved to watch this as I dreamed of one day becoming bionic myself! Then nothing would be too hard for me. I could smash my way out of any trouble with my bionic arms. As you can tell, as a kid, I probably planned it for more evil than good. Wasn’t this a great series! And I read rumors there’s a movie coming out next year!


To round off the first half of the 70’s, I give you the movie Jaws. This movie single handedly gave sharks a bad rap and just about made me quit swimming at the beach. I don’t know about you but the public pool certainly is looking great all of a sudden. To say it was a success is probably an understatement. In two weeks, it recouped its production costs and in just 78 days, overtook Godfather as the highest grossing film in North America. It was a runaway hit. And to this very day, I still shudder when you play me the music.

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