Here I am back at the airport again ….. but this time not for work. Hooray! Instead, we are off on a holiday to Adelaide! So the imbalance has been righted and the world is right again. I am in my shorts and t-shirt and I do not have my laptop with me. Instead I have packed my Ipad, camera and more t-shirts and shorts than I can care to count. I also packed an umbrella as the weather forecast is for a stormy Adelaide. Oh well, you can’t count on everything being perfect.


But the important part is that we are going away on holidays. Woohoo! That’s pretty much all that matters. I have not been on holidays to Adelaide for almost ten years so I am looking forward to it. Especially the famous wine regions like the age old Barossa Valley where so many of the iconic Australian wines come from. There’s something about the Barossa and its vignerons that hold a lot of the attraction for me. It is the history of the place and the generations that have cultivated and lived off the land here. I admire tradition. I like the rich history.