It’s been a while since I was on Easyjet. I remember with fond memories the last time I flew from Geneva when a mini scuffle actually broke out between two passengers concerning overhead luggage space. There was the usual handwaving you will find at a fish market but in addition, there was also a tug of war with bags! I had never seen anything like that in my life. It was all rather unsightly until a female attendant trained obviously in hand to hand combat separated the two men and “sorted” them out. With that memory etched into my mind, I knew the trick to avoid any shenanigans was to get in early and get your overhead compartment space first!

So, on our flight to from Berlin, we conscientiously made sure we arrived at Berlin Schonefeld airport well ahead of time. Upon checking in and clearing security, we made our way to gate 25 after a quick sandwich. The gate was down a flight of stairs and onto a narrow corridor. There in front of us were two queues which turned right and merged into one through a doorway which then turned right again. There were too many people waiting and I could not see where it led to. The overhead screen said gate 25 and destination Brussels. I was certain the departure screens had said boarding commenced hence we had to hurry along. And I was sure it was gate 25. But Brussels?? Ah . . . Easyjet has done it again.

A quick scan told me we were in the right queue. (There was a lot of French spoken) So like our previous Easyjet experience, it was just a matter of waiting. Soon it became clear why the queues snaked out onto the corridor when we had finally made our way to the front. There was one lady checking boarding passes and behind her was a small room full of people. It was literally packed to the rafters. Everyone was here. And everyone was waiting. You can tell the seasoned Easyjet travellers. They are the ones standing near the door with an eye on the staff. The ones seated at the back of the room looking at their phones. They don’t stand a chance.

And as we had expected, a short sharp announcement in German came on (I wonder why . . . Maybe it is the German language?) and almost in parallel, a large crowd was at the gate standing shoulder to shoulder with bags in hand. I call this the Easyjet queue because there is not one. There is just a mass of people and a gate. Family with children and frequent flyers are cordoned off as they board first. That is always a good idea as no one wants children being trampled on underfoot when the crowd surges forward. We were nowhere close so we just picked our spot.

Unexpectedly, another announcement came over the speakers. Then to our amusement, the crowd in front of us turned around and faced us! It appears, another gate will be used and it was right in front of us! What a stroke of luck. So, we went straight onto the plane, got our bags in the overhead lockers, got into our seats and missed any of the action that may have taken place. I almost sound disappointed. And maybe I am.