Last night, I saw that the sky was clear and decided to finally try this feature in my camera called star trails. This is where you can track the path of stars throughout the night sky and as such, not having clouds would be a good thing.

So I lugged my tripod and camera out to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne and noticed straight away that there was also a full moon. Hmm . . . And add to that there were clouds moving in as well. It is no wonder I have yet to try this feature out. You have to get so many planets aligned before you can get the right conditions. And I am not your committed photography nut who gets up at 4am in the morning to get the morning rays of the sun or hides in the bushes for hours waiting for that elusive white rhino.

But I DID want to take this photo and I have already driven out here with all my stuff so I am determined to go ahead. Clouds or no clouds. So I set it up for 30 minutes which I figured was the longest I could stand waiting around with nothing else to do. Hit the shutter button and off it went. Half an hour later, out came the result below.


Ok, not the best but It was not bad either! Clearly half an hour was not enough. You can see the clouds to the left which was also where I left the full moon so it would not interfere too much with the sky. But I think there is still a lot of room for improvement. Possibly the city is not the best subject with so much light pollution.

After this attempt, I decided I had enough and on the way back took a few more shots of Melbourne at night. The first one is along the Yarra River just next to the botanical gardens.


And then a view of Melbourne city from the Yarra River. If only I could take a star trail photo against the skyline, wouldn’t that be just perfect. Oh well, lots more figuring out to do until then. (Maybe I should just take some classes . . . . )