It is strange sometimes when I read some of the blogs I follow. Everywhere I read of spring accompanied by delightful photos to accompany the thawing that comes from the end of winter and into summer. It is all looking up as everyone goes outdoors again to enjoy the sun . . . . That is if you are in the Northern hemisphere.

For us down under in Australia, that is just the opposite. Our summer has ended and Autumn is upon us. The days are getting shorter and darker and the leaves herald the onset of winter as they wear their bright colours before falling away.


That all sounds a bit down but in reality, autumn is my favourite season of the year. I love it that the days are not burning hot (in sumer) but cool and comfy. I love it that I my eyes don’t itch and nose run from hay fever (in spring). I love it that I don’t have to look like Michelin man when I leave the house (in winter). And I love the autumn sunrise and sunsets. I wish I have a photo to justify my claim to that last line but for now, we’ll just have to do with my little collection of leaves.