I am not a gardener. I love to look at a garden and even try a thing or two. But I have never been great at it. Things don’t flourish under my guidance and it is probably luck when occasionally they do. And then when they wither and die, I am usually completely clueless. Did I water too much? Too little? Was there too much sun? Too little fertilizer? Soil too acidic? Bugs? It’s a wonder there can be miles and miles of forests and I can’t get one conifer to grow in a pot. Or maybe the pot is too small? Or should it be a terracotta pot? Or maybe not even be in a pot?  See what I mean? Just too many permutations.

I am sure there are some of you out there that are just like me. And yet I keep tinkering. I try not to get too discouraged . . . . Even when my cactus dies. And then a few days ago, I spot this flower in the garden.


I went oh wow! I am sure I did not plant it and it was probably there before we moved in. Unsurprisingly, I have no idea what flower it is but it looked absolutely amazing like a tiered water fountain. And from such an ordinary looking plant as well. So pretty.

And then I think wouldn’t it be great, if it covered our entire wooden fence. If only I could get it to propogate along here . . . And also there. And I guess that’s why I keep tinkering. Hoping that it would reward me one day with an amazing flower.