On a moonlit night, I was out with my camera hoping to catch a photo of the Milky Way (I had just read about it from a blog and was going to see if I can capture it on my camera).

Unfortunately, that was not to be. Possibly it was too bright with the moon or I was simply looking at the wrong direction. Who knows. As a “newbie”, it is trial and error at this stage. But as I was walking along the beach, I noticed how the moon lit up the jetty with the gentle waves lapping along the shoreline. It had the kind of dreamy feel that I liked and so I took a shot of it. Here is how it turned out.


When I got back home, I had the idea of trying star trails again. So, I set up the camera on a tripod on my front lawn and captured a half hour of shots before my camera ran out of battery! As you can tell, I am sometimes a spur of a moment kind of person when it comes to photos! So, as a result, here is my limited star trail shot.


Next time, I will actually plan ahead. As they say, there is plenty of room for improvement.