Reboot – originally a term applied only to computers seems to find more applications nowadays (e.g. Movies). So in keeping with the trend, I am rebooting my lemon tree. After failing last year wherein the lemon tree I bought and planted in the ground died after a year despite my utmost efforts, I am trying again.

This time, I have decided to go with a pot instead of in the ground. This way, I can actually CONTROL what soil it gets instead of trying to fix up the soil. I can also make sure it gets lot of sun. In addition, I have selected one from the nursery with no lemons on it and finally a dwarf version that apparently are suited to pots. (All lessons from my last lemon tree attempt)


So, please meet Pipsqueak. No, this is not the name I gave to my lemon tree but it is actually the name of the variety I bought. I have also placed in the sunniest spot I can find where I can keep an eye on it the whole time. Right outside on my balcony!

I have also been told that I need to remove the little flower buds in the first year so that the tree gets a chance to establish itself. But, as you can tell, I am failing so far with the pink little buds sprouting everywhere. It’s like Pipsqueak really wants to fruit. And it seems such a shame to keep removing the flowers. Hmm . . Maybe I should just let it keep the flowers?