It has been a little while since I posted. So in the spirit of what we would talk about if we caught up for coffee, I thought I’ll use that prompt to write a bit today.

If we caught up for coffee, I would tell you that my days have been consumed with the three letter word, VCE, which stands for Victorian Certificate of Education – the end of high school exam for all school leavers in the state of Victoria (Australia). As my son is doing his VCE this year, everything seems to revolve around his studies, tutoring and continuous assessment tests. Not that I would admit to it but it is pretty much the end result. Add to that the fine line we walk between subtle encouragement to outright nagging, it is a delicate balancing act. Of course, he would happily remind us that he is the one doing VCE and not us. But as parents, we cannot help but worry.

If we caught up for coffee, we would also talk about my upcoming work trip to Korea. And I would emphasize South whilst the conversation would inevitably include North as well. Having never been before, I feel somewhat excited about the trip as I always do when visiting new places. But it is a work trip and you know what I feel about them. I would rather travel for pleasure. Then the unknown is North Korea. What is he thinking? What will he do next? But ask anyone from South Korea and they will tell you it is no big deal. Dennis Rodman will smooth any ruffled feathers. But to someone like me, I have decided to stop reading any news on it. It is better not to know too much.

If we caught up for coffee, I would tell you to take my mind off both those things, I have ended up playing more of my games on the iPad. You may wonder if I am regressing to my childhood days but the truth is, I do not think I ever grew up. So I do enjoy games and some of them are really quite fun and addictive. And I can spend a lot of time on them (did I mention addictive?)

Then finally, if we caught up for coffee, I would tell you that my water pump for the rainwater storage tank have stopped working. When I switch it on, it gives out a purring sound but the pump is clearly cactus. No water comes out the other end. So, being your typical DIY guy, I gave it a few taps with the screwdriver before resorting to google. Lo and behold, I found someone who described the exact same problem with the same pump and fixed it himself. So, as it turns out, I just need to replace the capacitor. When we next have coffee, I will let you know how that turned out!