I cannot believe I almost did this to my wife . . . again! The work trip to Korea is here and she very nicely agreed to drop me off. Saves me parking the car and taking the bus from the car park to the terminal. I think being dropped off is a luxury. So, I am always very appreciative. (Even to the taxi drivers!) My only gripe is with the fanatical security that patrol the drop off lane like a hawk at Melbourne airport. You can set the accuracy of the atomic clock with them. One nanosecond over the limit and they are onto you like you are about to commit a crime. (Remember the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report?)

So, as always, the moment we pull into the drop off area, I jump out of the car and unload the bags. I even keep the engine running to signal my intentions that this is a drop and run. Yup, never stop the engine. They can hear that from a hundred meters away and will have locked on visuals onto you the moment you exit the car.

With the engine running and bags all ready to roll, this gives me a bit more time for hugs, goodbyes and kisses. I hate work trips (as you know already). So, leaving is always the worst bit. With the shot clock counting down and the buzzer about to go, I say my last goodbye, pick up my bags and head through the sliding doors and towards the check-in lanes.

As I was checking the boards for the airline counter . . . .Wait . . . I hear someone madly honking the horn. Sounds like a familiar horn. In fact, it is my car’s horn! I frantically rushed outside and there was my wife sitting in the car with the engine running. She gave me just one look and suddenly I remembered. I reached into my pocket and I realised I still had the car keys!!


Ok not the image of the push button start on my car but this one is sooo much cooler looking!
Ok not the image of the push button start on my car but this one is sooo much more cool looking! (Which I got off wiki commons)

Sheepishly, I run over and hand it over to her. With push button start nowadays, believe it or not, you only need the key fob in your pocket to start the car. But then it also means that when you exit the car, the engine keeps running. So, this is the second time this has happened! I almost left her stranded in the car with the engine running but with no keys!! One more strike and I am out . . . .What a way to start my work trip to Korea.

Midnight flight out of Melbourne. Airports can be a pretty lonely place when everyone’s gone…