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About Me

Welcome to my blog. I named it follow the ant trail. I don’t know why I did that. All I know is that I have  followed an ant trail before – its interesting that it sometimes leads nowhere quickly but other times takes you on a interesting tour, giving you a different perspective of everyday surroundings before ending up in a totally different spot.

You just don’t know where its going to go. So, this blog is much the same. I started it without any wishful purpose or aim other than to follow the idea of starting one.  I realise this is probably not the best way. Everyone blogs about something or at least have some boxes to tick. I feel this is overdoing it for me. I have enough objectives and deadlines to meet at work so I don’t really need another target on my back.

But hey, this page is about me . So here’s the list

  • I’m from Australia and have a full time job (but you already know that!)
  • I have no prior writing experience other than pounding out two sentence emails at work
  • I have a point and shoot and do like taking photos
  • I enjoy escaping the confines of work whenever I can afford to (Born to be free. Forced to work)
  • I like to stay fit just so I can indulge in food (no I am not a foodie)
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